darkroom services

B&W Film Processing

Developing beautiful negatives is our goal. We offer the finest custom machine processed & hand line film processing from 35mm to 8x10 B&W sheet film.

Specialty film processing is available upon request.

Contact sheets are printed on glossy RC paper, number coded and directly exposed.



Roll Film

Process 35mm & 120 220
Develop Only $12.75 $38.75
Develop & Contact $19.50 $50.00
Contact Only $14.50 $20.00
Additional Contacts $11.75 $15.00
Hand Line Processing Additional $12/ roll Additional $24/ roll

Sheet Film

$12.00 minimum, Push/Pull add 50%
Film Type Price
4x5 $3.50
8x10 $7.00

Darkroom Printing

Paul Sneyd is a master printer and has handled tens of thousands of negatives throughout his 30 years of photographic printing. We can print from Glass Plate Negative, 35mm, Medium format and Large Format negatives. We offer a variety of photographic papers and printing methods of Archival Fiber Paper and Resin Coated (RC) Printing.

Resin Coated (RC) Printing

This is a cost-effective alternative to fiber-based silver gelatin printing. Printed on Glossy or Pearl Ilford papers with a life-span of 20-40 years.

Paper Size 1st Print 2 Prints
5x7 $19.50 $7.50
8x10 $22.25 $8.50
11x14 $30.50 $16.50
16x20 $47.50 $26.25
20x24 $75.50 $40.50

Exhibition Silver Gelatin Fiber Printing

These beautiful archival, exhibition quality black & white silver gelatin fiber prints have superior tonal range, durability and resistance to fading for over 200 years. All prints are finished with a Selenium bath to assure archival permanence.

We have per print pricing and hourly pricing available to suit your needs.

Paper Size 1st Print 2 Prints
5x7 $42.50 $21.25
8x10 $60.50 $30.25
11x14 $88.20 $44.10
16x20 $150.00 $75.00
20x24 $225.00 $112.50

Hourly pricing:

$125.00 / hour plus materials

Glass Plate Negatives

We specialize in printing from glass plates and other fragile negatives. Numerous public and private collections have entrusted us with the care and reproduction of their unique originals.

Please bring in your plates or negatives for a free consultations and service quote.