Printing the work of Bill Brett

Printing the work of Bill Brett

Giclee & Inkjet Printing

The staff at Panopticon Imaging strives for the highest quality of archival prints. We use a large variety of high quality, archival cotton rag and fiber papers. A selection of glossy, luster and matte papers are available, as well as metalic and canvas options.

If you are new to digital printing and/or photography our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to provide assistance with your digital files to create your desired result.

We have a price list listed below for standard sizes and quick reference. We also offer SQUARE INCH PRICING as to provide you with the best value and options. Call us with your digital imaging questions and for pricing quotes.



  Standard Exhibition   Standard Exhibition
8x10 $20 $24 8x12 $22.16 $26.60
11x14 $30 $36 10x15 $29.46 $35.66
16x20 $50 $60 12x18 $37.47 $44.97
20x24 $65 $78 16x24 $56 $67.20
24x30 $90 $108 20x30 $77.50 $93
30x40 $145 $174 30x45 $159.37 $191.25
40x50 $221.64 $266 40x60 $260 $312

High Resolution Scanning

We offer high resolution scanning of all film sizes, from 35mm and 120mm film, to large format negatives, prints and other flat surface materials. Scans from negatives are based on the size print you wish to make from the file. Scans from prints and other flat surface materials are based on the size of the object being scanned. For objects too delicate to be placed on a scanner, such as an oil painting, please see our Artwork Reproduction section below.

We offer full post-production services with all scans upon request. Please inquire about our digital editing services.

Prints up to Price for scanning negatives
16x20 $30
24x30 $65
30x40 $100
40x60 $150
Larger than 40x60 $200
Original Print/Object Size Price for scanning prints
Under 11x17 $30
11x17 to 20x24 $45
20x24 to 24x36 $65
Larger than 24x36 Please call to discuss

LVT Negatives of Stephen Sheffield

LVT Negatives of Stephen Sheffield

Digital to Silver - LVT Film Recording

We can create beautiful black and white negatives from your digital files or previously damaged negatives. By using technology that exposes digital images back onto film.

We are able to produce a 4x5 or 8x10 negative out of your original image

Image Size
File Requirements
AdobeRGB, Tif, 2032ppi
20x24 or smaller 4x5 @ Res-80
40x60 or smaller 8x10 @ Res-80

Negative Size Price
(4) 4x5 or 8x10 $200
Pre-prepped Files - Burn Ready $185

Digitally Capturing & Color Matching an oil painting

Digitally Capturing & Color Matching an oil painting

Art Reproduction

At Panopticon we strive to give each piece of artwork the same amount of time and attention that the artist put into the original. We have worked with watercolorists, oil & acrylic painters, mixed media collage artists and other mediums to digitally capture their artwork. We start the process by meticulously adjusting lighting to create the ideal conditions for capturing the image. Then we begin the process of color matching to the original artwork. We print a series of test strips to ensure the color is exact. From the test strips we adjust the color and contrast in Photoshop until we have a match to the original piece of artwork. From the finished file the client now has a high quality digital representation of their work as well as the option to make an edition of archival pigment prints.

Check out our blog post about Photographing and Matching a painting here

Original works up to Price for photographing
11x14 $50
16x20 $75
20x24 $100
24x30 $150
30x40 $200
40x60 $275