Photographs by Fern Nesson

April 2nd - May 14th, 2016

Fern Nesson is a fine art photographer living in Cambridge, MA. She practiced as a lawyer for twenty years and taught history at the Cambridge School of Weston and, for the past ten years, she was the College Advisor at the Commonwealth School. Fern is currently in her first year of the MFA program at Maine Media College. Her abstract work is rooted in the elegance of light and line.

Light Lines 1, Fern Nesson

Light Lines 1, Fern Nesson


Geometric Studies

Photographs by Elizabeth Ellenwood


Panopticon Imaging is proud to present the photographic works of Elizabeth Ellenwood. This exhibition features works from her Multiple Exposure, City Life and Wire Sketches series. Elizabeth Ellenwood is a fine art photographer based in Boston and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2010. Her abstract photographs focus on scenes from her daily surroundings where lines, textures, shapes, and light intersect. Working with film, primarily medium and large format cameras, she creates traditional silver gelatin prints in the darkroom. Elizabeth's photographs have been exhibited at the Artwell Gallery, Center for Fine Art Photography, Darkroom Gallery and she recently had a one person exhibition at Danforth Art located in Framingham, MA.

Untitled #18, Multiple Exposure, Elizabeth Ellenwood

Untitled #18, Multiple Exposure, Elizabeth Ellenwood


The Family Vernacular

Photographs by Nick Schietromo


Nick Schietromo is a Boston based fine art photographer. His work deals with various aspects of domesticity, with one series focusing on his grandparents and another using found vernacular photography. He is a recent graduate of The New England Institute of Art and currently works as the Assistant to the Director of Gallery Kayafas in Boston, a framer and digital tech at Panopticon Imaging in Rockland and the Associate Exhibition and Photography Coordinator for the Magenta Foundation.

Recent exhibitions and publications of his work include a solo show at Panopticon Imaging, a solo show at The Nave Annex Gallery, the Flash Forward Festival 2013: Undergraduate Photography Now! (Part 2), The New England Institute of Art Gallery on the Plaza, Aint-Bad Magazine, Onward Forward feature and MiddleGrey interview and feature.



Jumping Rope, Nick Schietromo

Jumping Rope, Nick Schietromo


Photographs by Brian Kaplan

Brian Kaplan is a Boston based photographer who has exhibited nationally and internationally. This body of work features portraits of the locals / workers of Cape Cod. Following our show Brian Kaplan will have a solo show at the Danforth Museum in September. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the artist and discuss his work and future projects.

Pool, Series: "I Am Not On Your Vacation", Brian Kaplan

Pool, Series: "I Am Not On Your Vacation", Brian Kaplan

OIL AND INK: Prosperi Portraits

Featuring the works of Warren & Lucia Prosperi


"For the first time I can look at a print and say that gets to it... that captures the essence of my painting and I feel the viewer has and idea of what the original work is all about" - Warren Prosperi

Now you can see the entire collections of "The Prosperi Portraits" in one place and view an original oil painting in comparison to the reproduction.

Warren Prosperi is self-educated in the tradition of Optical Naturalism, which was developed by Caravaggio, perfected by the 17th century masters Hals and Velasquez, and continued by Zorn, Sargent and Sorolla. This tradition examines the nature of visual experience and the structure of an actual moment. It is the basis of how Warren and his wife, Lucia R Prosperi, approach portraiture: presenting a moment, which reflects the character and environment of the subject.

Cristiano, Warren & Lucia Prosperi

Cristiano, Warren & Lucia Prosperi


Photographs by Sally Ryan Bousquet, Stephanie Grenadier, Tim Waite & Myrna Walsh

This exhibition features photography from the South Shore Arts Center. How does a teacher influence a student? Vice Versa? These works explores this relationship.




Photographs by Alena Kuzub & Paul Puiia


An opening featuring works from two New England students: Alena Kuzub and Paul Puiia.