Scanning Services

We offer a wide range of scanning services from ultra-high quality scans to bulk scans for proof printing. With our various scanners, we scan negatives, images both old and new, and documents to give you exactly what you need.

PDF of Scanning Pricing


High Resolution Scanning

We offer high resolution scanning of all film sizes, from 35mm and 120mm film, to large format negatives, prints and other flat surface materials. Scans from negatives are based on the size print you wish to make from the file. Scans from prints and other flat surface materials are based on the size of the object being scanned. For objects too delicate to be placed on a scanner, such as an oil painting, please see our Artwork Reproduction section in our digital services. High resolution scanning includes spotting and color and exposure adjustments. Scratched or damaged negatives can be retouched optionally for a restoration fee.

Negative Scans (Hasselblad Flextight X5)

***8x10 negatives are scanned on our flatbed scanner

Prints up to Price for scanning negatives
16x20 $35
24x30 $70
30x40 $110
40x60 $160
Larger than 40x60 $220

Flatbed Scans (Epson Expression 11000XL)

Original Print/Object Size Price for scanning prints
Under 11x17in $35
11x17 to 20x24in $50
20x24 to 24x36in $70
Larger than 24x36in Please call to discuss
fuji scanner.jpg

Fuji Frontier Scans

Frontier scans are great for reference images and contact sheets. Frontier scans are delivered as TIFF files and include no spotting or adjustments.

Scan sizes are as follows at 300dpi:

  • 35mm & 6x9: 8x12in (about 2435px x 3635px)

  • 6x4.5: 9x12in (about 2735px x 3635px)

  • 6x6: 10x10in (about 3035px x 3035px)

  • 6x7: 8.5x10in (about 2515px x 3035px)

Uncut Roll Film $15/ roll
Cut Roll Strips $5/ strip
Loose Negatives and 35mm Slides $2.25 each
DVD $24.95 each
bulk scanning.jpg

Bulk photo scans

Got a shoe box full of photos at home? We can scan a large quantity of photographs (up to 8x10in) and make digital files that you can print, view, or just keep as digital files. This service does not include spotting or other adjustments.

First 50 Photos $89.95
Additional Photos $0.99 each
*Extra DVD Copies $19.95 each
*First DVD included with scans