Paul reviewing prints with Isa Leshko Paul reviewing prints with Isa Leshko
Isa Leshko, Handsome One Isa Leshko, "Handsome One" from Elderly Animals
Tytia Habing, Go Tytia Habing, "Go"
Nick Schietromo, Jumping Rope Nick Schietromo, "Jumping Rope" from Years Later
Shephen Sheffield, Ladder Stephen Sheffield, "Ladder"
Brian Kaplan, Toys Brian Kaplan, "Toys" from I'm not on your vacation
Meredith Abenaim, Bubbles Meredith Abenaim, "Bubbles"
Fern Nesson Fern Nesson
Allison Shaw, Edgartown Bridge 1979 Allison Shaw, "Edgartown Bridge, 1976"
Agnieszka Sosnowska, Self Portrait Agnieszka Sosnowska, "Self Portrait, My Belt"
Paul reviewing prints with Agnieszka Sosnowska Paul reviewing prints with Agnieszka Sosnowska
Suzanne Revy Suzanne Revy, "Yellow Suit"
Elizabeth Ellenwood, Backyard Toy Study Elizabeth Ellenwood, "Backyard Toy Study"
Paul reviewing prints with Asia Kepka Paul reviewing prints with Asia Kepka
Asia Kepka, Accordion Asia Kepka, "Accordion" from the series Horace and Agnes - The Love Story

Panopticon Imaging is an all service digital and darkroom photo-imaging lab, located in Southeastern Massachusetts. We serve a diverse array of local, national and international photographers, educational institutions, historical archives and museums. The staff at Panopticon Imaging strives to offer the highest-quality services in a prompt manner with integrity and excellent customer services. Our staff has decades of photographic experience- specializing in darkroom and digital printing, photo restoration, high-resolution scanning, custom matting and framing and all of your photographic and imaging needs.

Paul Sneyd, Owner & Master Printer

Paul Sneyd has been a Master Printer for over 35 years. His darkroom career began in 1977, when he joined Jet Commercial Photography. During the next 10 years, Paul was the sole printer for Jet's five commercial staff photographers. In 1987, Paul became the master printer for Panopticon Gallery of Photography, one of the oldest photographic galleries in the United States. He would spend the next 20 years printing for Panopticon's many reputable artists and exhibitions before becoming the owner of Panopticon Inc. in 2007, and has remained a valuable asset to the imaging community ever since.

Throughout the last 35 years, Paul has printed for and worked with many local and national photographers including : Harold Feinstein, Stanley Forman, Tony King, Isa Leshko, Bradford Washburn & Ernest Withers, among many others.

He has produced images for and has working relationships with a large sum of New England galleries, including the Boston Public Library, Focus Gallery, Griffin Museum of Photography, Harvard Law School, Museum of Fine Arts, North River Arts Center, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Panopticon Gallery, and the South Shore Arts Center.