Diana Back to School Give Away!



With September just 2 weeks away (I know right?) we here at Panopticon Imaging have decided to celebrate the end of Summer and Back to School !

How you ask? Well we have a sweet Diana F Camera with all the trimmings we are giving away ON INSTAGRAM, along with 2 rolls of film (Ilford HP5 120) with Developing and Contacts included. Plus a Sticker pack! The Diana F has been customized in Panopti Red because we can’t have anything stock. It comes with a flash and the adapters so that the flash can be used on other cameras along with a pretty cool book on the history of the Diana camera.


Don’t know what a Diana is?

Here’s a link to the Lomography site about the newer ones


And the Wikipedia link has some more info on the camera and it's history.



Armed with that knowledge and still willing to take the plunge?


Embrace the imperfection of analog and happy accidents! Remember it’s not the camera it's the artist wielding it. Don’t worry about the cost of processing because the first 2 rolls are on us! Shoot the first roll, send it  to us we will develop and contact free of charge. Like what you see? Want to change something? Explore an idea that came to you? Load that second roll and have at it! Send it back to us we will develop and contact free of charge as well.


Photo ByBruce R. Wahl

Photo ByBruce R. Wahl


  • Open to currently enrolled undergraduate Students.

  • Like and tag a friend plus your school on the official contest post on instagram to enter.

  • Winner will need to provide a copy of current class schedule to collect the loot.

  • We will most likely post some of your images at a future date.