Choosing the Right digital Paper for You

Last year, we came out with a blog post about the different digital papers that you can read HERE. Now, we are going to go a little more in depth on the most popular papers that we use and what they are used for so you can decide which works best for your images.

Matte Papers:

Epson hot press natural:

Hot Press Natural is a matte paper that we use very often here at Panopticon. It is a cotton rag paper with a smooth finish. Because it does not contain added brighteners, the paper has a warmer, natural tone rather than a bright white.

This paper is good for warmer black and white or sepia toned images. Colors are slightly less vibrant and more natural which holds up over time. Hot Press Natural has a wider tonal range than some other matte papers that we have come across.





Canson Rag Photographique:

With Canson Rag Photographique there are two weights: 210gsm and 310gsm. If you are looking for a fine art exhibition print, make sure you get the 310gsm. The lower weight paper is great for test prints. This is a bright white cotton rag paper that is also archival. The smooth surface is quick drying and has a higher water resistance than other papers to protect the image from damage.

Rag Photographique holds color very well and is great for making vibrant matte prints. If your image has a lot of blues, this is the paper for you because it holds a wide range of blue tones.



Glossy papers:

Canson Platine fibre rag:

Platine is a cotton rag paper with a smooth, lustrous surface. Sometimes, the paper flakes at the edges when cut, but if you use a fresh blade, there should not be any problems. This true bright white paper does not contain any brighteners that can affect the longevity of the image. Because Platine is a luster paper, the blacks maintain much of their detail from screen to print.

Platine is great for both color and black and white images that don't call for a very glossy paper, but want some vibrancy and life.



Canson Baryta:

Baryta is very much like Platine in its level of gloss, but has more stiffness. It is another smooth cotton rag paper but it has a slightly warmer tone than Platine. This paper has great sharpness and has great density in the blacks. Baryta has a slight amount of brightener that makes it 99.1% white. It also dries very quickly and has a high water resistance to protect from damage.

Baryta is great for almost everything. It has the same finish as silver gelatin fibre paper so blacks look great and colors have a wide tonal range.