Fun, Funky and Strange Darkroom Tales

We have three working darkrooms here at the office. Each serving a different purpose. One for darkroom printing, one for film development and the third for creating new negatives from digital files. Needless to say, we get asked a lot of questions about printing and developing and get out fair share of  interesting requests. First, this is the oldest film we have ever processed. The roll states "Develop before 1915". Sad to say there were no images present, it was actually never exposed.

Next up is the Circular Glass Plate Negatives we got asked to print. These images were taken with concealed vest Camera! Similiar to the ad below. "No Tourist, Artist, or Student, amateur or professional, should be without this camera". We agree.

The wonderfully creative Matt Gamber never lets us down with his darkroom requests! He created his own paper negatives using vintage television sets. From his series "This is (Still) the Golden Age" he captures still from such TV shows as  "Price is Right" and "The Lawrence Welk Show".  Mr. Gamber is represented by Gallery Kayafas located on Harrison Avenue in Boston, MA.

We always have plenty of 8x10 film on hand to assist you make your digital files turned into negatives. FILM IS NOT DEAD!